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About Us


Since 2006, our factories in Vietnam and the Philippines have been making dresses for many famous American brands; however, according to service agreements we are unable to disclose their names. Our lovely tailors have made dresses for millions of women in just the past decade alone. Watching our clients share photos with big smiles online, we realize that what we make are not only clothes, but also happiness and delight.



Usually clients tell us their detailed requests, sometimes even sending in drafts of their designs, but sometimes they have only an idea, and yet we always meet their requirements. We make sample dresses first, then we mass-produce them and embed the brand labels. Sounds boring, right? But we love it: turning silk and cotton, or whatever other material we’re using, into nice dresses – it’ just like magic, isn't it? Most likely, you do not even realize that the dresses you wear are made by us.



No one knows more about the tricks in dress manufacturing than us. For instance, two sets of clothes made from different fabrics (because one’s price is twice the other) look the same, but only until you wash them. In addition, some dresses that ought to have two layers of fabric are made with only one in order to save costs, and you may barely be aware that the beadings on your dress are made of resin or plastic and whether or not your YKK zipper is authentic or fake. We believe we are the best at figuring out the difference, and our QC team - which is really not to be trifled with, will make sure you receive a satisfying dress.



The complex manufacturing processes and the time required to make these dresses are responsible for the high prices. Manufacturing includes dozens of procedures and each procedure has many steps. Besides, unlike T-shirts, special occasion dresses are always made from high-cost fabrics. Another reason for the high price is that it may need to cover the inventory cost of the unsold dresses, as not every dress is sold. This is all true, not to mention the added brand value, the agency profits, and the rental costs. So why don’t you buy a dress directly from a factory, like us?

Dresses for special occasions are not average dresses. Every dance, every ball, and every wedding is memorable. After the big event, we hope that some days you open your closet and the dress we made for you reminds you of the memorable day you wore it. We do our best because we know you want a “Not Average Dress.”